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Skin Cancer Checks

If you are fair skinned individual who burns easily and with a personal or a family history of skin cancer, funny moles, malignant melanoma mole you should have your skin and moles checked every six months.

Your GP has gone through years of training in picking up skin cancers especially malignant melanoma moles. . This is part of your normal three monthly health check. A complete head to toe look can by requested by you but book a double appointment. Avoid applying facial make up if the mole is on the face.

Suspicious skin lesions if they are especially basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer and advanced malignant melanoma are easy to diagnose with inspection of the skin and perhaps a little magnification with good light. The difficulty arises when there are a bit funny (atypical) and you have many of them (Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome). That is when dermoscopes play a major part in distinguishing those which need a biopsy or monitored or left alone being benign.

Early skin cancers including malignant melanomas , BCC (basal cancers), SCC (squamous cancers) and atypical moles are easy to diagnose by a skin surface microscope called a Dermoscope.

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

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Dr Siva Nachiappan is a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider and offers the following selected services to Southern Cross Patients:

  • Comprehensive skin examinations (including dermoscopy)
  • Curettage or diathermy
  • Incisional biopsy
  • Punch biopsy
  • Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Vasectomy
  • Toe Nail Wedge Rection for Ingrown Toe Nails

If you are casual patient contact Dr Siva for skin cancer checks.

Please note that Dr Siva is happy to see you even if you are not a regular patient at Eastmed Doctors, but have Southern Cross Health Insurance. He will apply for pre-approval on your behalf and you do not need to contact Southern Cross. It may help if you bring your Southern Cross Member Number when you visit Dr Siva.


Early diagnosis of melanomas is possible using a hand held microscope called a Dermoscope.(scroll down to see examples of dermoscopic images). Dr Siva Nachiappan has had extensive training in the use of a Dermoscope and by the pattern of the mole under a dermoscope he can tell whether the mole is melanoma or not. This is the same instrument used by molemap, molecheck and the dermatologists.

Book an appointment for Dr Siva, by phone 09 585 0188 or by e-mail.