2019 Measles outbreak information for parents, whānau and caregivers

Measles Update – Please contact eastMED doctors if you have a child who falls into one of priority groups for vaccinations. Ministry of Health’s current priority is:

  • ensuring all children across NZ receive their vaccines on time at 15 months (12 months of age in Auckland) and 4 years to maintain the national childhood immunisation schedule. 
  • vaccinating groups who are most affected by the outbreak in the Auckland area, namely children under 4 years of age, those aged 15-29 years and Pacific peoples. 
  • children aged up to 14 years who have not had a single dose of vaccine to get vaccinated. 

Source – Ministry of Health Updated Advice on 11 September 2019- https://www.health.govt.nz/your-health/conditions-and-treatments/diseases-and-illnesses/measles/2019-measles-outbreak-information

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