Auckland Measles Outbreak Update

Measles Update – The outbreak total stands at 97 cases as on 7 June 2019, with 23 in Counties Manukau and 21 in Auckland DHB and 53 in Northshore.

The 15 month MMR1 vaccination is now given at 12 Months.

The preference is for all 4 vaccinations scheduled at 15 months to be administered at 12 months- MMR1, pneumococcal (PCV), Hib and varicella VV(chickenpox) vaccines.

MMR can be offered to children from 6 months if they are travelling overseas to countries where there are currently measles outbreaks such as US, Japan and the Phillipines. MMR administered to infants aged 6-12 months is categorised as MMR0. They will still require MMR1 and MMR2.

The vaccine is free for people under 50 years of age who have not received 2 MMR vaccines.

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