Community Services Card and Zero Fees for Under 14s

Eastmed Doctors is implementing the government proposal of reduced fee for Community Services Card holders and Zero Fees for Under 14s form the 1st December 2018.

What are the changes from the 1st December 2018?

  1. Reduced consultation fee of $18.50 for enrolled adults and $12.50 for enrolled youth aged 14-17 for a standard day time nurse or GP consultation. This includes injury-related visits (ACC).
  2. Zero fees for under 14s.
  3. The CSC initiative applies to a standard daytime consultation with a GP or nurse if you are enrolled with Eastmed Doctors. After-hours and casual consultations are excluded from this policy.

What do you do if you are a CSC card holder?

  1. Ensure you are enrolled with Eastmed Doctors for accessing the low cost consultation.
  2. Make sure your CSC card is currently active and check with the front desk at Eastmed Doctors if you are eligible for the subsidised fee.
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