COVID-19 Eastmed Doctors Recommendations – 15 March 2020

COVID-19 recommendations from Eastmed Doctors:

  1. Avoid non-essential overseas travel
  2. Avoid large gatherings (e.g. shopping malls, concerts, cinemas etc)
  3. Maintain social distancing more than 2 metres
  4. No handshakes, hugs or Hongis
  5. Wash hands frequently with soap & running water (including fingertips / space between thumb and index finger)
  6. Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are unclean
  7. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces & objects e.g door handles
  8. Flush toilets with both seats down (avoids micro droplets in air)
  9. Keep toothbrushes in bathroom drawer
  10. Shop online e.g. groceries
  11. Work from home if possible
  12. Stay home if unwell
  13. Cough / sneeze into elbow or into tissues then dispose of tissues in a bin, bag or toilet immediately
  14. Avoid contact with those who are unwell

If you have a cough, fever, breathing difficulties or a sore throat AND/OR  if you have entered New Zealand from overseas in the last 14 days AND/OR you have had contact with someone who has or is suspected of having COVID-19, phone Healthline’s dedicated COVID-19 number on 0800 358 5453 or eastMED doctors on 09 585 0188.

If you fit any of the above, you will be requested by the team to wait in your car outside the eastMED building. The nurse will ring you to gather more information. Your doctor will decide on the plan. A swab may be necessary to test for COVID-19.

Refer to Ministry of Health link for up-to date news on COVID-19.

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