COVID19 Update 23 March 2020

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern announced today we are in Alert Level 3. In 48 hours alert levels raised to Level 4.
Eastmed Doctors will be open through this crisis. We recommend you to familiarize with the alert levels.

Virtual Consultation

There are some major changes in how we operate during this crisis. We will be reducing face to face consultations. We aim to conduct virtual consultations (video or phone) for the majority of our patients. You can check our website for further information.


Video Consultation

Please note some of our doctors prefer the fluid nature of the video consultations. (Drs Sue Argent, Kate Gordon, Grace Wong, Mimi Tanaka, Louise de Candole and Susan Smith).  You ring our reception on 09 585 0188 and book yourself in for a video consultation. Your doctor will invite you via email at the time you have booked. You will not find any times for these doctors on the below button.
Some of our doctors do a mixture of both pre-booked and fluid consultations. (Drs Annie Bradley, Jens-Peter Link, Simon  Garlick and  Siva Nachiappan). If you do not find a preferred time on the below button, ring the reception.

Please note that both video and telephone consultation carry the same charges as normal face to face consultation.

Telephone Consultation

 If you do not have appropriate equipment for video, you can request a telephone consultation with your doctor.

Flu Injection

Flu injections are available for the funded group till mid-April. It is then open to everyone who requests one. Ring Eastmed reception to book in your flu jab. Once you arrive at Eastmed Doctors car park, ring the reception to let them know you have arrived. The receptionist will request you to wait in your car. When you turn arrives, the nurse will instruct you to come to our front door. You will then be escorted into a consult room where the flu jab will be given. You need to wait 5minutes in the waiting area. You will then be asked to wait 15 minutes in your car to make sure you do have an allergic response to the vaccine. You need to come with a support person.

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