How to find good GPs near me

That is a  difficult question. Requirements are different for different people. If you have young children you need to find a child friendly doctor in your area. If you have lot of skin issues, you need to find a GP with special interest in dealing with your skin and skin cancers. If you rather prefer to see male or a female GP then the search becomes a bit more difficult as well!

The best place to start is to ask your friends or family whom they will recommend. You can look online forums where there is a discussion about a local GP.

There are several elements more than finding a good GP.You can visit the doctor for a trial visit to see whether you would like to carry on at the practice.You need to figure out if the team as a whole responds to your requirements.

  • Are the front desk attentive and pleasant?
  • Can I see the GP on time on the day or the next day?
  • Can I see the doctor if I am unwell or had an accident on the same day?
  • How easy is it for me to contact the team in an urgent situation?
  • Does my team get in touch with me to discuss important things?
  • Are the recall systems good and in place?
  • Does a GP Practice has online booking systems?
  • Do they have patient portals?
  • Are the premises modern and clean?
  • Is the practice cornerstone accredited?
  • Does my doctor see me on time and not keep me waiting for long?

What more services does the practice provides other than the GP services?

  • Do they offer skin cancer checks?
  • Do they offer womens health?
  • Do they offer comprehensive mens health wellness checks?
  • Does any of the doctors embrace natural health?
  • Do they perform cosmetic medicine?
  • Can I get dietary advice?
  • I have diabetes, is there a GP who specialises in diabetes care?
  • I have heart disease, does my GP seem knowledgeable in treating me?
  • Do they offer minor surgery?
  • Does my doctor have a nurse?
  • What are the jobs the nurse can do so I can see them instead of the GP for services?
  • Can I get my vaccines for travel?

As you can see your requirements for seeing the GP will be specific to you. If the culture of the place is correct, all the GPs will be excellent doctors. It may be wise to choose a large practice with many GPs on the team. This gives you the flexibility for your GP to refer you to a colleague who has a special interest. This keep everything in house Your GP is kept informed. It also helps if you have an urgent problem so you can see them on the same day.

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