Measles MMR Vaccination Update

The following advice from the Ministry of Health was published on Friday 18 October 2019. We are actively recalling babies 6-11 months old for their first MMR vaccine.

UPDATED priorities for use of MMR vaccine stock are now:

  1. Continue: scheduled immunisations at 12 months and 4 years.
  2. Active recall: immunise 6-11 month year olds with MMR0, prioritising Pacific then Māori.
  3. Offer more: please give one dose of MMR to people aged under 30 years with no recorded MMR1, with particular focus on:
    • Pacific and Māori people
    • Students including both school and tertiary students
    • Postpartum women and family members of newborn babies (0-6 months).
    • Teachers and early childhood educators.
  4. Based on clinical judgement: you may give one dose of MMR to people aged 30-49 years:
    • Who work in higher risk environments such as institutions (e.g. prisons)
    • Who are in one of priority groups in point 3 (e.g. teachers or new mothers aged 30-49 years)


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