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Practice Policies

Test Result Notification

Normal Results

Negative test results or unchanged results will not be notified.

  • Patients are welcome to call the Practice Nurse for verbal confirmation of negative results.
  • Patients may request a printed copy of the results.
  • Labtests will email a copy of the results if this is requested at the time of the testing.

Abnormal Results

Positive results will be notified by:

  • The Doctor concerned or their Locum Doctor.
  • The Practice Nurse on the instruction of the Doctor concerned
  • By letter if the patient is unable to be contacted by telephone.
  • If no contact can be made this will be recorded in the patient notes.

Repeat Prescription Policy

Follow up of long term medical conditions

Seeing your doctor to discuss and monitor your ongoing medical conditions is the best way to obtain repeat prescriptions. Providing repeat prescriptions without seeing you is at the discretion of your doctor.

Contact after request

We will contact you if an appointment with your doctor is needed  or if we require any further information to issue the prescription. If you have used Health365 portal you will recieve an email regarding the status of your request.

Generally you need to see the doctor before the prescription is issued if:

  • Doctor has not seen you for the last prescription.
  • Been in the hospital since you have last seen your doctor.
  • Medication was altered at your last visit by your doctor or specialist.
  • An antibiotic or sleeping pill is requested.
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